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Procrastination Ends Here

With a planner that never runs out of pages and dates that never expire you can keep the momentum going for a lifetime.

Unleash Creativity

Design the life you love by visualizing your ideas on a canvas that never runs out of space! Draw, write, highlight and erase. Save your ideas and never stop your imagination and ideas to flow in the direction of your success and personal goals.

Maximize Productivity

Organization leads to transformation. Spend less time worrying and more time working. Reduce stress by keep things organized and never lose track of your progress.

Increase Velocity

Get results quicker by defining goals, setting habits and tracking progress. Consistency is key to achieve your targets. Save time by working smarter so you can focus on what matter the most to you.
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What's inside?

Daily, Weekly and Monthly Planning

Tools that will help you make the absolute most of your days, weeks and months! Be less stressed and gain clarity through our easy to follow planners.

Decision-Making Matrix

Includes one of the most effective time-management systems with the Eisenhower Matrix Method!

Track Habits and Progress

Amazing tools to break bad habits and create new ones. Easily prioritize habits so you're not wasting any time!

And much more!
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2021 Digital Planner
Dated Version New And Improved With Motivational Cards And Smart Navigation System.
Over 1,000+ reviews
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Compatibility and Easy Navigation

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IOS + Android

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An all-inclusive planner

Make Success Simple

Write A Goal

Our goal setting pages are waiting for your brilliant idea to fill them up.

Set A Habit

Build the momentum by designing powerful habits in your planner

Track The Progress

Use the calendar and habit tracker to monitor your breakthroughs

Achieve Success

We’ve dedicated a space just for you to write about how it feels!

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Entrepreneurs, makers and doers

Loved by professionals

Helps to stay on top of things!

As a business owner I need to plan everything as efficient as possible and Tesarea is perfect for this!

Lindsay, Marketing Agency CEO
Verified buyer

The planner I was looking for

As a mom of two and a freelance graphic designer - staying organised is everything. Tesarea helps me to keep everything in one place on my work IPad.

Seline, Graphic designer & Mom
Verified buyer

Everything you need

Great planner. This has allowed me to do all my planning on my Ipad. I love being able to write in my schedule, and the convenience of only using the ipad pro.

Matt, Business Owner
Verified buyer
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How does it work?
Once you’ve purchased your planner you’ll receive an e-mail containing your download with the instructions included. This is a DIGITAL PRODUCT which means NO physical product will be shipped to you.
What you can do and you can't do?
The digital planner takes all the best features of our paper planner and makes it digital. Navigate to specific tabbed pages with a tap, and/or swipe to flip through the planner pages. You can write, draw, doodle, color, type, scale, highlight, undo, redo, erase, insert, copy, paste and more. You can't import/export or sync with other calendars and it does not have built in notification or reminder functionality. (We recommend using it in conjunction with Siri and the Reminders App on your iPad)
Can I sync between my Table and Phone?
Yes, you can turn on iCloud Sync, which will allow you to use the planner on both your Tablet and Phone.

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