5 Tips For Staying Motivated

How can we keep the New Year motivation going?

Everyone peaks on January 1st.

The stores are emptied of supplements and self-help books, the gyms flooded with newcomers eager to make this the year they turn their lives around. Employees seem to have an extra pulse in their stride as they set their eyes on a new promotion. 

But by February it seems that all ambition and enthusiasm has expired. So how can you maintain your motivation and achieve what you set out to on December 31st? 


  • Create An Action Plan
  • You don’t have to have every step planned out - but you should have the next one ready to roll. 

  • Find Accountability 
  • Maybe it’s a mentor, a family member, friend or even an app. Something that asks you to check in, own your commitments and continue your pledge. 

  • Track Your Progress 
  • A big threat to motivation is discouragement - which typically accompanies anything challenging. Inspire yourself by visually seeing all the progress you’ve made!

  • Reward Your Efforts 
  • It’s easy to burn out and get hard on ourselves, so reward the effort - regardless of how small or flawed it may be - and be generous with the praise you give yourself. 

  • Remember
  • A lot of people write resolutions, but how often do we revisit them? Remember why you started. Remember what you wanted. It’s a powerful exercise that shouldn’t be ignored. 

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