Overwhelmed? Try This.

A 3 letter acronym might change your life.

What if I told you there was a 3-letter acronym that could transform you from being overwhelmed, stressed and worried into someone focused, paced and effective? What if those same 3 letters could improve your relationships, decrease physical fatigue, heighten mental clarity and establish a powerful routine for success?


Break It Down. 

The difficulty in starting a project or learning something new, is not necessarily within the task itself, but the enormity of it. Terrified, we then react with feelings of inadequacy that snowball into stress, worry and eventual failure. 

You can avoid these common pitfalls by applying 3 Steps to your BID. 

  1. Write It Down

    Inside your head it’s just a jumble of thoughts. Get them all out and begin to map out the process. Visualization is key to actualization. 

  2. Schedule It In

    Instead of saying “I have a 1-year deadline,” give each task its own deadline. Give yourself a daily - or weekly - priority to be focused, not stressed. 

  3. Cross It Off

    As you plod along, track your progress. By physically checking off tasks you are shrinking the size of the project which reduces any pressure felt towards it. 

Implementing the BID mindset can be hard to achieve - especially alone. It’s important you use professional resources in order to successfully accomplish this strategy. If you’re serious about developing a healthier mindset, we recommend using the tools at Tesarea to help you.

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