The Secret To Staying Sane

Life’s crazy. Do this to cope

Life’s insane. 

But that doesn’t mean you have to be too. So what’s the secret to staying sane while everything else is just plain...insanity? 


Let go. 


You can’t control the outside world, but you can control yours - regardless of how false that might feel right now. 


People only get thrown off their balance when they’re not connected to their core. If your gravity is rooted within yourself, the chaos and clutter that surrounds won’t have the same impact. 


Understand the borders of your control and be okay surrendering responsibility to anything that lies beyond. 




Invest in what you can control. 

Take time to eat well, exercise often, sleep adequately, meditate regularly and pursue personal growth. And remember … just because the world is insane, doesn’t mean you have to be too ;) 


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