Tips, how to stay organised

Organization is essential if you’re planning to live a stress-free and productive life. You can consider it the “must have” for happiness. 

In such a fast-paced world it’s important we maintain structure in our lives to avoid being caught up in the riptide of chaos. So if you’re finding yourself getting sucked away in the endless To Do’s, this list is for YOU! 

  • Choose One 
  • It’s not the errands that intimidate us - it’s the errands stacked one on top of another that make us shudder. The only way you can enjoy digestible-sized lists is to follow the second tip → 

  • Plan In Advance 
  • Time can be sneaky and disappear without us even noticing. The only way to avoid the nuisance of ‘not having enough time!’ is to plan plan plan! Thankfully with one of these it’ll be a lot easier! 

  • Do It Now 
  • Procrastination can lead to forgetting which then leads to stressing. Don’t let the little things compound into a big problem by hunkering down and getting it down! 

  • Be Honest With Yourself
  • There’s no shame in saying, “No.” It’s in no one’s favour to take on more than you can chew. Set boundaries that keep you in a space of maximum organization and as a result, productivity. 

  • Use A Digital Planner
  • Until something is written the mind is responsible for carrying it around. Unlike paper planners, digital planners like Tesarea can be accessed by your devices anytime and anywhere. 

    Take time to try each of these tips out and see how they groove for you! Sometimes all we need is a little inspiration and direction to get us started! And remember, organization is a skill. It doesn’t happen overnight but with a little practice you’ll be checking those To Do’s off like a boss! 

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