Unusual Benefits Of A Planner

Planners are such an efficient tool yet so few of us bother to use them! Despite showcasing impressive benefits like reducing stress and achieving goals, many individuals can’t seem to board the train of using a planner. 

But! Maybe, just maybe, if we show you these insanely unusual side-effects of using a planner, you might find yourself convinced to start! 

  • Leveraged Productivity 
  • For those of us who receive surges of productive impulses, knowing in advance what needs to get done will take you from 0-100 in yield. For others with a more consistent pace, using a week-to-week or month-to-month plan helps keep your work evenly distributed and digestible. 

  • More Articulate Expression 
  • This might seem odd, but when you have defined your goals, set your habits, organized your schedule and mapped out your intentions you’ll find it easier to share them with others. Additionally, you’ll find it easier to say, “Yes” or “No” to invitations because you’ll already know what’s on your plate. 

  • Improved Sleep 
  • Our minds are great at reminding us about everything on the To-Do list just as our head hits the pillow. But if you’ve already written it all down - and designed a schedule to achieve it - that voice goes away and let’s you fall into a deep, restorative rest. 

  • Amplified Creativity 
  • Great ideas are born at the intersection of thought. When you plan in advance what projects you intend to tackle, you’ll be amazed at how many ‘random’ ideas are actually applicable and useful to your work. 

  • Happier Relationships 
  • Relationships take time, and if we’re not in control of the clock … the clock is in control of us. Making loved ones a priority means carving out time to spend together. Planners are the easiest way to keep your commitments to others - especially those most important to us. 

  • More Effective Exercise 
  • The reason we fail to get results in exercise typically stems from inconsistency. By creating workout plans, tracking exercise - and constantly increasing intensity - we can utilize our time in the gym to achieve a whole new level of results. 

  • Sustained Motivation
  • Nothing is more inspiring than to see our own progress and success. Planners give us a reference point and are great illustrators of just how far we’ve come. Additionally, having clear direction and vision for the future helps keep us moving!

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