What Makes People Happy?

Is it genetics or choices that make someone happy?

Have you ever met someone who is just...happy? They possess an air of contentment and joy. And while no one is a stranger to hard days or sad days, there are a few key habits that generate happiness. 


  • Gratitude 
  • Practice giving thanks - in a journal, in verbal expression or a daily manta. 


  • Connection
  • Take time to foster meaningful relationships and be involved in your community. 


  • Purpose
  • Find something that makes you come alive and invite it into your life in whatever capacity you can. 


  •  Forgiveness
  • This applies to yourself as well. Don’t fuss and fidget over past mistakes - whether caused by yourself or others. 


  • Kindness
  • Happy people are kind people. They care deeply for others and the world around them. That love is often just as deeply reciprocated. 


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