Why You’re Burning Out

Tired of feeling tired?

Sometimes it takes more than willpower to boost energy, increase focus and expand ability. There are certain habits that will keep you feeling worn out and frustrated, but don’t worry. With a little effort all habits can be reversed and healthier alternatives take their place. 

Don’t | Stay Up 

Did you know every hour of sleep before midnight is worth 2 hours after? Sleep affects all areas of life, from cognitive and emotional to physical ability.

Do | Wake Up Early 

You’ve already heard that how you start the morning determines the rest of the day. There’s a reason it’s echoed so often. Powerful morning routines establish productivity and motivation for the rest of the day. 

Don’t | Consume Excessive Sugar 

When we intake sugar there’s a huge surge in our energy levels which only leads to a serious crash later on. By closely monitoring our sugar intake we can steer clear of these dips in our overall stamina. 

Do | Drink Water 

60% of our body is water. It comes to no surprise then, that one of the most important things we can do for our overall health is stay hydrated. It increases performance, lengthens endurance and clears the fog of the day. 

Don’t | Ignore Pain

Sometimes the reason we feel exhausted is because there is pain somewhere we’re neglecting - whether it be physical or emotional. Address the causes and you’ll reduce its impact. 

Do | Stretch 

Set aside time for stretching and overall mindfulness. It allows your body to release toxins, repair muscles and increase mental awareness. 

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